We have awesome relationships with tons of independent bike shops all across the US. They’re our friends and partners in what we believe to be the best service plan we can offer our customers. When buying a bike direct from a brand it’s often left out how you’re supposed to put it together and whether or not you’re covered by the companies warranty. Not with us - all our bikes are built by professional mechanics and purchased at our local shops. Here’s how it works:

Buying a bike online

Should you choose to, we offer our customers the ability to shop for their bike of choice on our website. It’s 2017. You want to buy a bike but you don’t want to get off the couch, we get it (you will however need to get off the couch to ride the bike). Choose your bike online and we’ll link you up with one of our local shops. Shipping, assembly, and warranty is included. We will refund your order and send the bike to the closest dealer for purchase.

Or, you can skip this step entirely by going to your local bike shop and purchasing the bike directly from them. The benefits of going to shop are that you can test ride the bike first and make sure it's sized correctly. If the  shop doesn’t have the bike in stock, don’t worry, we’ll ship it direct to them the same day the order is placed.

Shipping & Assembly

Shipping is automatically covered when you buy a bike direct from the shop, and so is assembly. Within a few days you’ll have your perfect bike ready to ride! Shipping lead times depend on location.

When you buy the bike direct from the shop you are automatically covered by our lifetime warranty on the frame and fork and our one-year warranty on non-consumable parts. Check out our warranty policy for full details on our amazing coverage plan for our customers. 

Don’t have a Tribe dealer in your area but want to buy a bike? Shoot us an email at with the shop you’d like your bike to be shipped to and we’ll take it from there. Same assembly and warranty package applies. If you have a great shop you’d like to recommend to us we’d really appreciate it. We’re always looking to add to our family of retailers. Please email us or call us at 718-316-6410. 

Thank you for your support.