Artist Series: Sunday Funday Street Art

October 15, 2015 1 Comment

Brooklyn, NY -- The Tribe gathered on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to tag the roof of the Tribe Bicycle Co. HQ and toss around the ol pig skin. Tribe riders Johnson and Ribs used their street graffiti skills to leave their mark on Red Hook - while someone else painted a toilet gold... Check out the pics below!

 All photos by Sean Lyness.

Johnsson (@Johnssonyc) & Ribs (@Ribsturbation) leave the signature tags on the Tribe HQ roof.


Sean Lyness (@SeanLyness) documents the artwork.


Johnsson (@Johnssonyc) contemplates his next move.

Gavin (@GoodGavin) & Ribs hang on the roof.
The Golden Throne. Who did this?

Ribs throws a bomb!
Tom (@TomKesling) goes deep.

Back to work! Ribs & Johnsson start on the large "Tribe" tag.


Ribs deep in thought. 

Johnsson working on the edges. 


Tribe Bicycle Co. Red Hook Brooklyn

The final masterpiece - Johnson & Ribs posing with the TRIBE tag (and of course, the golden throne).

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